Wolf Thief EP

by Maarten Bayliss

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An artistic and experimental collaboration of musical influence and presentation—in each track, Bayliss explores instrumental boundaries and pairings, and succeeds in making an individualistic comment on the possibilities of tempo, repetition, and mood.


released February 9, 2013

Recorded by Maarten Bayliss



all rights reserved


Maarten Bayliss Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Harps
I'm so I don't know
I don't recognize anyone anymore

If it's not you then I don't care
I only know the side of you that's talking to me
Salty ocean lips
Swollen, cut up feet
You're in the water
And I'm on the beach
Track Name: Paper Stains
I don't know what i should know
I've been thinking about where i should go now
Is a taste a waste of time
If you're not sure
You're not sure what you should try
Not sure what you should know

Focusing on the road, not the raindrops on my windshield
Now i'm driving slow instead of daydreaming in the backseat
Making raindrop paintings with my finger from outside
Tracing stains on paper that's how life used to taste

Once you find yourself you don't like what you find
I should see the funny one but i only see that sad side
I should do so many things but i can't choose one of them
I should do so many things but i can't do any of them
Track Name: Sound Tower
You go all day
So you can't stay
I don't do much so i wait
Try to keep my time occupied
Try to keep my mind occupied
Try to stay in time with my life

Brain is awake but my body is dead
Go somewhere else other than your own head

Leave the amp on
What are the shows for
Brain is bubbling
It aches and it's painful
It's hot and there's pressure
What do i think about
What do i focus on
Did i say the right things
By the end i'm exhausted
But i slept in all day
Head is aching
Brain is empty
Coping with growing
Build up the whole nothing
Into a sound tower
Into a sound tower
And smash it apart
And break it apart