People Are Patterns

by Maarten Bayliss

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Taking his cue from artists like Bruce Haack and Dan Deacon, Maarten Bayliss produces music on vintage sounding synths and drum machines. Tracks like “Controlled” are nearly anxiety-inducing with its driving drum-and-bass beat and layered vocals. Others show the softer side of Bayliss like the ballad “Projections” or the spa-worthy “Water Song.” No matter what sound or mood Bayliss is experimenting with, his music always is captivating–pushing the limits of his equipment and genre.


released August 19, 2016

All songs written and recorded by Maarten Bayliss
Mastered by Joey Godard
Guitar on People Are Patterns: Stellan Nundoo
Opening keys on Sunny in Lucid: Rosemary Fairweather
Cover photos by Andrew Jeglum



all rights reserved


Maarten Bayliss Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Media Stuck
You're ten steps ahead of the rest of us
Your opinions are ringing in my brain
I've got media stuck in my head
You've got dollar signs in your eyes
I'll have to dive into life
See if I'm doing it right

Everybody get down on yourself
Lucky things to be sad about
Everybody get down on yourself
Happy things to be sad about
Track Name: Controlled
Early day so there's time for wasting
Recycling my conversations
The only place that matters is where you are
The only place you want to be is somewhere else

But it's hard to go when you're controlled
It's hard to show when you don't know
Track Name: Projections
Don't think about the bad past
Think of the new future
Impressive headaches in a stack
Therapists on your computer
I think my outlook is good
It's just distorted sometimes
Looking through a camera lens
Instead of a third eye

Your wall is a screen projecting images
Clearer than what my eyes can see
Your wall is a screen projecting images
Clearer than life itself

You can be anywhere that you wanna be
Experience without the feel
We can talk as long as you're safe enough away from me
But still feeling so close
Enjoying being destroyed cuz it's a gain
Now will be better eventually
Homesick for the 90s
Hoping for something easy

Surrounded by thousands in an empty room
Track Name: Water Song
I wish i was there
I wish you were her
Buzzing like flies talking fast
It's legs slide down my brain
Less control over words
You say I'm okay
You're the only one here

Doing just to do
Waiting for good news
You'll do fine without me
Track Name: Soft Panic
There's something in my mouth that I can't get
If i could count all the times that I had
Something in my mouth that I can't get out
Track Name: Both Ends Broken
If you stayed up all day tell your eyes to let it rain
Ashamed of your middle name
Weekdays are weak, I've had sadder Saturdays
The only reason it fit so well is cuz both sides were broken and
The only reason you miss it now is because you already did it then

If you stayed up all day tell your eyes to let it rain
Calling me by my last name
You sit up straight and try not to bite your nails
The only reason you feel so down is cuz it was familiar and
The only reason you miss it now is because you already did it then
Track Name: People Are Patterns
How can you move on when you're staying in one place
What's not okay is i don't make change

You said if I could find any life but mine

Don't strive to have other people's lives
Wouldn't it be sad if you were happy all the time

Come over to my house and drain my brain out